Recrear la Historia


Open days and times

Private collection
Museum Hours

Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm.
Long weekend, extended days and times.
Prior consultation on availability
for guided tour.



Circunvalación Plaza de Toros.

How to Arrive:
From colonia Bus sation, public transport
available to San Carlos Real every half of hour.
By car along the coast.
Also Buquebus touristic Bus has a stop on N°6,
at the attractions door.
General Entrance $50 (adults Only),
with entrance fee, visitors have
consumptions included inside the park
(guided visits, Cafeteria and Restaurant).

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Recrear la Historia
Gift Shop

Bigger textEvery museum has a gift shop, which offers a varied selection of memories of the unforgettable moment that we live to remember tomorrow or share with a friend.
So, if you could travel back in time, can not return to the XXI century without a memory, a piece of history, that pose looked upon him or to use it, do it to feel the taste of that time more glamorous, stronger, and romantic ...

Railroad library and bookstore

Bigger textIf your visit trough the past with the wagons and station is not enough. If you want to enter to the fantastic Trains World, into Nicolas Mianovich dream or in the life of these countries in the erliest twentieth Century. A wagon full of ancient texts, journals and publications of the period, pictures and postcards stale, are waiting for you. All exposed to view. All digitilized, so you can easily access to the material...